What is a Macro Diet Plan?

What is a Macro Diet?

What is a Macro Diet Plan And How Does it Work?

The Goal: Still Calorie Deficits

If you are struggling to lose weight and you have not had a lot of joy with traditional calorie counting, maybe you should look at a macro diet plan. The idea behind the macro diet plan is a lot like the idea behind basic calorie counting – in fact you are still running a calorie deficit. The difference is in the way that the deficit is achieved┬áso that you can stick to it. Instead of trying to stick to a calorie limit, blindly, and not worrying about where those calories come from, you try to make sure that within your allowance a certain number of calories come from protein, a certain number from fat, and a certain number from carbohydrates.

The exact balance varies depending on what you are trying to do. If you are an endurance athlete you might eat more carbohydrates. If you are following a slightly Atkins or keto-like approach you might put more emphasis on proteins. If you find that you are always hungry on a lower calorie diet and you just want help to stay full for as long as possible, then you might eat more fat and aim for fewer carbs (Again, a keto-like approach).

Intelligent Food Choices

Because you are focusing on macronutrients, you’re forced to make more intelligent food choices. There’s nothing stopping someone on a diet that is just based on calorie restriction from eating lots and lots of chocolate – except for the fact that they’ll burn through their daily calorie allowance very quickly and end up feeling hungry all evening. Having to think “that’s a lot of carbohydrates, but maybe if I have some chicken instead I won’t be hungry later” is what makes the difference when it comes to actually sticking to the macro diet plan.

It’s not a perfect plan. It means that you’ll have to learn what is in different foods, and you’ll have to think about what you can and can’t eat. You might struggle to eat out for a little while, because you won’t be able to just order random dishes at the restaurant. But, it does work.

Once you get used to the rules of the macro diet plan, you can almost stop worrying about food and calories and practice what is known as intuitive eating. This works because you’re focusing on what the food does for your body, rather than just the calories. You’re going for a long run tonight, so you’ll eat a little pasta to give you some energy. You’re busy all day and you don’t want to be tempted to snack, so for lunch you’ll have something with lots of vegetables in it and protein and healthy fats, to fill you up. It really works, and it helps you to stay healthy without having to log and weigh and measure every morsel that goes into your mouth. Why not give the macro diet a go if you’re looking for something that will help you to stay slim and healthy.

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